The purpose of the Campus Interfaith Council is to promote relationships between peoples of differing faiths, work to integrate a religious aspect into student life, and encourage interfaith cooperation and understanding.

We are here to serve you. We serve as the official voice to ASMSU about religious life on campus. This includes issues that RSOs face in programming and funding, individual concerns with religious freedoms and opportunities on campus, and the like. We are here to speak on your behalf.

We work closely with Interfaith Youth Core – an organization that promotes healthy dialogue between those of differing faiths Effective interfaith programs facilitate positive meaningful relationships between people from different backgrounds and 10170929_10203594543204589_718427703859028211_nincrease appreciative knowledge of other traditions. Social science data tells us that knowledge and relationships are the primary drivers of positive attitudes. And people with positive attitudes toward religious diversity will seek more appreciative knowledge and meaningful relationships.

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